1. College of Education for short courses of knowledge and programmes of Total Knowledge—Enlightenment and INVINCIBILITY—all success and fulfillment in daily life.

   2. College of Health for short courses of knowledge and programmes for prevention from disease and treatment without side effects—living healthy life and creating a healthy, invincible nation.

   3. College of Organic Agriculture for short courses of knowledge and programmes for growing healthy food. Agriculture according to Natural Law, gaining nourishing support from the whole environment—air, water, and sun—allows maximum nutrients to develop in plants. Healthy foods—fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, herbs, and honey, rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids—serve as nourishing foods, and foods rich in antioxidants and other properties serve as a natural prevention, disallowing the growth of toxins on a seasonal basis.

College of Architecture for short courses of knowledge and programmes to build homes and offices in conformity with Natural Law—buildings that support the life of all those living and working in them. This ancient system of architecture in accordance with Natural Law maintains balance between the Cosmic Physiology and individual physiology in the same way that the intellect maintains balance between an individual’s own consciousness and physiology, the body.Modern architecture is unaware of ancient Vedic Architecture and the result is that many diseases and anti-social tendencies prevail in society everywhere. With this knowledge of the ancient Vedic Science of Architecture and the technology of building in accordance with Natural Law, a lot of suffering will disappear in society.

College of Economics and Politics for short courses of knowledge and programmes for affluence through support of the infinite creativity of Natural Law, simultaneously enlivening in national consciousness the unifying quality of Natural Law that governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect harmony and coherence. Thus the laudable goals of economy and politics are fulfilled through this approach.

   6. College of Music and Art for short courses of knowledge and programmes to partake of the melody of Nature so that life enjoys the sing-song of Nature, from point to infinity.


Peace Palace

Fairfield, Iowa: www.tm.org/transcendental-meditation-fairfield
Lexington, Kentucky:
St. Paul Minnesota: www.pictures.globalgoodnews.com
Romona, California: www.pictures.globalgoodnews.com

Denmark: www.mvkm.dk/start/forside.php
Rendlesham, England: www.peacepalace.org.uk

Erfurt, Germany: www.meditation.de


Chihuahua, Mexico: www.pictures.globalgoodnews.com
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